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Unapologetic apologetics fired at breakneck speed


Boldly proclaiming and confidently teaching biblical truth. Giving reasons to believe and answering real-world question. Providing relevant and instructional resources. Helping parents be heroes to their children.

We live in a world that is seeking fast paced, straight forward, honest, visually-appealing answers to the issues they’re confronted with. The goal is to take on the issues that Christians are confronted with head on and provide answers that make sense are biblically accurate and God honoring.

Our prayer is that these short video’s will stir those who don’t know the Lord that watch them to seriously think about what they believe on the topic that’s covered and consider that there may be a different answer than what they’ve always heard.

For the Christian who watches them, we pray that they’re encouraged to become even bolder in their witness. That they are able to take these professionally produced tools that we’re providing, free of charge to them, and use them in places we can never get into. -

Check out some of their videos: 

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